Tuesday, May 1

Redemption is Nigh

This fall (projected), it seems we will have our annual English-language mainstream film that restores my faith in English-language mainstream movies. This year's candidate is Across the Universe. From Julie Taymor, who I believe showed herself to be quite skilled with both Frida and Titus is offering what seems to be a remarkably visionary exploration into the culture of the 60's.

In true artistic fashion, apparently Revolution Studios wanted to distribute a different cut of the film than what Taymor created, so she threatened to take her name off the project if her cut was not distributed. The actions of Revolution Studios are remarkably familiar to a certain couple of brothers who own a film company.

Therefore, I am greatly looking forward to Across the Universe. Perhaps it will be a massive turd, but I continue to hold out hope that American-born directors can develop a sense of art in film in the midst of the abhorrent industry surrounding us.

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esteenlage said...

Hey! I feel like a total jerk for not keeping in touch, but I am very excited to see that you are still actively continuing a film appreciation. I have known very few people who try to educate themselves and appreciate film like you, so more power to you. I was excited to discover your blog. We should exchange worthy film reccomendations.